Our Process

Preliminary design: Understanding Your Vision

We begin with your vision for your dream home and the needs of your family. Bringing together our knowledge of residential design, site selection, building costs, as well as high-value features, we discuss your budget and desires for a new homestead. We offer ideas and discuss possible preliminary architectural designs. If you are still searching for the right location, we help you find it. We work collaboratively with you to include all of your requirements and preferences in a preliminary design.

Detailed Design: Transforming your Ideas into Reality

With architectural schematics and elevations, we begin to put your ideas to paper. Together we study possibilities for building a new home on the property, focus on important details, and begin to visualize the features of your new home. With your feedback, we fine-tune your design, provide final drawings, and create a comprehensive contract specifying everything from the landscaping to lighting allowance. We work with the architect to complete the architectural design and collaborate with the municipality to obtain permit approval for your project. With your financial commitment–and ours to work within your budget–we move your project forward.

Selection of finishes: Making it Easy and Enjoyable

We provide you with a decision-making schedule for the selection of finishes and fixtures. The schedule anticipates the construction timeline and helps allocate your valuable time. With our design expertise we help guide you through the selection process. We accompany you to many of our vendors and suppliers to simplify the selection process. With our guidance the process is seamless. If you choose to use the services of your own interior designer, we work collaboratively to coordinate all design elements.

Construction: Attention to Detail

We partner with the most talented tradesmen and vendors to achieve the finest result. We welcome your involvement, keep you informed every step of the construction process, and invite you to join us for regular weekly meetings. With your input and our organization, construction will proceed like clockwork.

Completion: Exceeding Your Expectations

We finish your project in a timely manner. We follow up on any final touches. Most importantly, we stand behind our product. Our goal is not only to build your new home but to build a lasting relationship with you that endures for many years to come.

Your Newgard Team: Serving you from Beginning to End

We support you throughout the construction and planning process. A design coordinator will work together with you to manage the construction of your home. We respond promptly to your day-to-day questions and requests and coordinate team efforts on your behalf.

Realty Services

We have the resources and expertise to prepare you home for sale – repair, repaint and freshen up your home – and market it with @properties, the North Shore’s leading real estate firm. We can make the process of selling your home effortless.